In Person Church Attendance

A Record of Church Attendance is REQUIRED to attend our Sunday Morning Service

Online Church Registration

Download Guidelines            Download Waiver

We have suspended online registration until numbers warrant it
but do require the name and phone number of everyone in attendance.
Once we get close to 30% capacity we will be implementing Online Registration.



Your Pastor and Board have taken strategic steps to help make Calvary Church a “safer” place as we begin to re-enter the building. Your health and safety are of
upmost priority to us. We have taken recommended measures to help avoid the spread of coronavirus and create a safe environment for your worship experience. 

There are strongly suggested guidelines coming from our governments and health departments and some mandatory ones as well.
We have done our best to cover every angle within our approach which is outlined in this document.

Access to the Church

To access our live service the Waiver Form has to be signed, and handed in. It is only required on your first visit. Online registration is mandatory
as we are obligated to keep an attendance of those who attend for future reference in the event someone did attend while infected with the virus.

Respect the Social Distancing line-up, taking your position at the 6’ mark.

Hand sanitizer will be available and is a requirement when entering the building.

Children are required to sit with their parents and there will be no wandering around prior to the service, during the service and following the service.

All surfaces will be properly sanitized and wiped down before and after each service.

Church Service Options:

You have the choice of attending the live service on Sunday.

You also have the choice of remaining at home and watching online following the service.
It will be aired as soon as the pastor has time to edit it and upload it.

Due to the current health and safety restrictions we cannot provide “in person” children’s ministries or
nursery care during the service.  We will continue to post the children’s ministry lessons by way of video online.
We will upload it so they can watch on Sunday afternoons or at the parent’s leisure that week.

Social Distancing Guidelines:

It is now compulsory that a mask be worn while at the church.  We have a limited supply of mask if you do not have one.

Singing has been limited to those leading in worship.  Congregants are permitted to quietly worship as they sing but refrain
from singing themselves.  You are expected to respect those who are not comfortable with close interaction.  They are
attending today because they are comfortable and feel safe because of the guidelines we have in place.

Physical contact, such as handshakes, hugs, fist-pumps etc. are prohibited as they breach the social-distancing rules.

Washroom use is limited to a maximum of two people at a time. 
The ushers will be monitoring access so practice social distancing while in a line-up.

Every second seat is cordoned off to allow for the 6’ Social Distancing rule.

Seats are limited to the number who can be seated respecting the 6’ social distancing rule unless they are from a single household.

The two sets of side pews can only seat two from separate households.

The middle section can only accommodate a limited number to allow for social distancing.  This will be monitored by the ushers.

Offering plates will not be passed around.  You can give online or use the giving box in the back of the church.

Communion will be possible because of the format it will be presented.

Unfortunately, after we reach our limit of 30% we will have to turn others away.

We will be exiting the service one section at a time starting at the back and keeping with social distancing guidelines.

While these guidelines are outside the norm of Sunday Worship, they are deemed necessary for the protection of everyone that attends.  We recognize
 that in all of society today the norm is not the norm for a season.  Let us kindly accept where we are, enjoy the journey, celebrate the fact we can come back to church.

Your cooperation in abiding by these current guidelines is most appreciated.

Pastor Ivan on behalf of myself and the Church Board.